4 days TalentCourse for foreign employees

TalentCourse is

The Talent Course is aimed at foreign employees, as an extended part of the Basic Course.

The Talent Course strengthens the employee to spot health, welfare and any challenges in the crew.
The course language is English.


On November 11th

Spot the calf before the Vet
Expanded calf course, based on the herd’s challenges.

On November 18th
Reproduction and hygiene
Heat observations and the importance of good reproduction for healthy economics.

On January 13th
Feeding with Mie Riis, velas
Everybody brings feed samples from dry cow and milking cow ration.

On January 20th
Stress and behavior management
Practical tasks in handling cattle.

Tasks with optimal handling of animals, e.g. for the hoof pruning box, milking etc.

5,000 kr./person incl. catering.
A grant of DKK 1,500 is paid from AMU

Talent Courses are run on Markedsvej 6a, Aars and in a crew at. 10-15

If you have any questions, please contact
Torben Bennedsgaard